Our Board

St. Peter’s Kitchen is a nonprofit 501© 3 organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors with broad backgrounds and skills.

The Board of Directors is responsible for:

  • Determining the mission and purpose of St. Peter’s Kitchen.
  • Selecting, supporting, and evaluating the chief executive.
  • Ensure effective planning.
  • Monitor and strengthen programs and services.
  • Ensure adequate financial resources.
  • Protect assets and provide proper financial oversight.
  • Build a competent board.Ensure legal and ethical integrity.
  • Enhance the organization’s public standing.

The board should clearly articulate the organization’s mission, accomplishments, and goals to the public and garner support from the community through advocacy.

  • A headshot of Jennifer Maltby

    Jennifer Maltby

    Board President

  • A picture of Tom Staccone

    Tom Staccone


    • A picture of Jessica Tette

      Jessica Tette


      • A headshot of Krista Jenkins

        Krista Jenkins

        Founder of Spark Content

      • A picture of Gary Rawls

        Gary Rawls

      • A picture of Nancy Hayward

        Nancy Hayward

        • A picture of John Magee

          John Magee

          Literature & Latin Teacher - St. John Bosco Schools

        • A picture of Ellen Lindhal

          Ellen Lindhal

          • A headshot of Ben Owens

            Ben Owens

            CFP, Junior Financial Advisor at Cooper/Haims Advisors, LLC

          • A headshot of Helena Buttons, who has green curly hair and heart glasses

            Helena Buttons

            Online Fundraising Specialist at Vibrant Emotional Health