Social Work Services

Guests of St. Peter's posing for a picture

At St. Peter’s Kitchen, we have a social worker on staff. Most broadly, social workers help members of our community navigate the systems and resources within their reach, as well as accessing needed services outside of our mission. They are available to provide information about Rochester-area organizations providing financial, legal, medical, and housing assistance, as well as referrals to other supportive programs. Our social workers can always lend an ear to those in times of crisis or those who need emotional support. Mostly available during the lunch or pantry hours, those interested in meeting with them can also make appointments.

When we have the funds to do so, we can also provide emergency financial assistance to help cover unexpected costs, like back rent, utility bills, prescriptions, and medical bills. Please note that we do not always have this resource available, and we always have information about organizations or programs that can offer such financial assistance.

Also when possible, we can provide hygiene kits to address personal care needs, like shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and other products to those who ask for them.

Our Programs

We are proud to have several successful programs that address many needs present in our community. Our diverse collection of programs means that we can support those seeking help in a variety of ways, catered to each individual’s needs.